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Huron County College and Career Access Network (HC3) is a community collaborative that strives to build and sustain a vibrant and economically sound economy that emphasizes the importance of academic success, career-readiness, and post-secondary attainment for all residents of Huron County, MI.  College is defined as the attainment of valuable post secondary credentials beyond high school, including professional/technical certificates and degrees.  HC3 is a Local College Access Network, as defines by the Michigan College Access Network based in Lansing, MI.  We support the Goal 2025, to achieve 60% post-secondary attainment within the State of Michigan by the year 2025.  

The components for the Huron County College and Career Access Network(HC3) include a Leadership Team, Anchor Organization, Action Teams and Support Staff.  The Leadership Team consists of local school district superintendents, business and industry leaders, community foundation leaders, and non-profit sector leaders.  The Leadership Team is committed to holding network members accountable for shared outcomes and working with their organizations to internally align to the Common Agenda, while the Action Teams are in place to support the Common Agenda and develop strategies for reaching goals set.  The Anchor organization, the Huron County Community Foundation, supports the vision as a Leadership Team member and the Support Staff, helps to implement the vision, and communicate the vision to external stakeholders.

Action Teams

enrollment and Financial readiness

Targeting High School students and focusing on FAFSA completion and post-secondary enrollment for 12th grade students.

career exploration and creating a culture of post-secondary credentials

Targeting Middle School Students and focusing on Community Involvement and earlier discussions with parents



Laura Polega, Coordinator

(989) 439-0160


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